Hi Everyone,So I’ve been getting a lot of people who are asking and requesting me to do an investigation on a site called

So what is Invisible Boyfriend, and

Invisible Boyfriend, and and its partner service Invisible Girlfriend, lets you explore a relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend on a phone without being in a relationship, You can create your ideal boyfriend, customizing their personality and even how you met story. You can then interact with them via text message. Are they real? Yes. Now here is the problem that I have with the site.

The photo that you pick is not real people. Well yes, the people that took the photos are real, but they are not the people you are talking too. The people that you are talking to are getting paid to talk to you. The photos are the stock picture. See look at the picture below. This the picture I picked. 

Now, look at this site after I did a reverse image search now checked this out. Take a look at this picture I found on the another site picture 2. Now, Remember when you ask for a picture they have to send you the picture you picked when you signed up with and most of the time you will get an excuse that their camera on their phone is broken. They are told to never reveal themselves to you and not send you a picture.
Another thing is that they are in character, which means that are acting, and making up things as they go along. They have to find really creative ways to get into character! Which is why they can never reveal themselves to you or send you a picture or in some cases meet you.

Now I also found out that the people that are getting paid to talk to you are not in this country. Some are from the  Philippines and some are from different parts of Africa and India. The part that got me is that they work in different shifts which are why you always have to repeat the conversations and why it seems you are always talking to different people.

So this is a clever form of catfishing and I would stay far from them. I read multiple sites where people get stood up thinking they are talking to a “real” person and plan a date or travel to see them to find out that they got stood up. The excuse that the “invisibleboyfriend” or “invisiblegirlfriend” gave is that they had to “work late”

Shame on this site. Did you ever hear of Emotion attachment? I hope this site goes out of business. I would say run far away and don’t sign up.

Now if they would allow real people to sign up that are from eharmony, or then I would say yes. But same on you! I say this because that are using single people that get emotionally attached or in some cases very lonely, depressed and very vulnerable.